Saturday, December 22, 2012

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Hi all, not a sewing project, but a fun project. As some of you previously have read, I have pieces of driftwood all over the house from my collecting on the beach. So I thought I'd try making a Christmas tree out of some of it. I took and laid out all the pieces in order of size. I decided to put smaller pieces in between the larger ones because I liked how it looked and made my tree taller. I then went to the hardware store and bought a 1/8" dowel rod. Got out the old drill, found the right bit size and drilled a hole in the base piece of wood. Once I stuck the dowel rod in the base, I began drilling holes in the center of all of my driftwood pieces and lacing them onto the rod. I was lucky enough to have a triangle-shaped piece for the top! Merry Christmas!

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