Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Make a Burlap Gift Bag with Driftwood Button

This gift bag is made of brown burlap with a muslin handle adorned with a driftwood button.
1. Cut a piece of burlap 8"W x 18"L 2. Serge the 8" ends. Fold in half and serge sides. (Tight zig zag stitch can be used if you do not have a serger.)

3. Run a small straight stitch up the sides as well to reinforce.

4. To form box corners for bottom of bag, fold and sew as shown.

5. Turn the top edge down 1" and sew.

6. Turn bag right side out.

7. To make the handle, cut a piece of muslin 3"W x 12"L; fold in half lengthwise, stitch and turn right side out. Attach handles as shown.

8. Take a walk on the beach! Select a piece of driftwood approximately 2" x 3" and drill two holes for sewing as shown.

9. Attach button to front of bag. Back it with a piece of natural burlap to separate colors as shown in image at top of page.

10. Add a small piece of adhesive velcro for a closure. Now you have the perfect little bag to add a 'beachy' touch to your gift giving. Or, use this bag to carry almost anything!

Don't want to make it? Go to to purchase this bag.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pillow Stuffing

This always cracks me up that this big bag of filling comes out of this small box! Time to get to work.