Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boat Bag #2

Here is boat bag #2. I like many things about this style bag -- the longer handles so you can carry it on your shoulder, the outside pocket with the contrast band and the two large inside pockets. However, I think it is too small to be a functional tote bag. The height is 14" which is okay, but the width is only 12". I'm thinking 16" would be better. I'll try that next.

Baby Lock Quilter's Choice

Well, I finally broke down and bought a new sewing machine. My previous one had been purchased by mom and dad as my high school graduation gift -- yeah, it was really old! Now I am the proud owner of this Baby Lock Quilter's Choice. I decided to go with this one over the Decorator's Choice as it came with the larger table, more functionality and it sews sideways. Although I do not know yet when I'd need to sew sideways I am certainly intriqued by the fact that I can. I bought the workbook binder that goes along with it as it is very well illustrated -- I'm one of those that needs pictures. My owner's class is April 19th.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Beach Umbrella Tote

I couldn't post this earlier because it was Lois' birthday present and I had to wait for her to open it! I just loved this fabric. This being the second try at this bag style went much better. The top image is of the inside pockets which I think are very handy. I still need to try serging the quilted fabric to see if I can make a nice overlock edge. Always another experiment.