Sunday, September 1, 2013

Driftwood Candles Centerpiece

I made this centerpiece for my table. I found the 3 glass cylinders at Joann Fabrics for 40% off.
They also had the flameless real wax candles for which I used a coupon :-)
I cut three pieces of green floral Styrofoam to create candle pedestals for inside the cylinders. I then surrounded them with pieces of driftwood and Petoskey stones to hide them and hold them in place. You can use narrow blocks of wood as well, but that required power tools; the foam just required a butter knife! The candles sit on the top of the green foam. You can pick them up easily to turn on the switch on the bottom to produce the flickering. I felt flameless candles were a better bet with dry driftwood from a safety standpoint.
The cylinders measure 12"H x 6" dia.; 8"H x 6" dia., 10"H x3-1/2" dia. 
I love how they turned out!