Friday, May 31, 2013

Robert Allen Island Ibis Coral Tropical Pillows

I loved this fabric from the moment I saw it because it contains all of my favorite colors! It turned into very fun, bright pillows which I photographed on our patio at the office. Our green chairs and purple flowers were a perfect setting.

Monday, May 27, 2013

New Nautical Lighthouse Collection

Hello! And a very happy Memorial Day to all! Here in Michigan, it is a great day to -- be inside sewing. I had purchased some wonderful lighthouse embroidered jacquard upholstery fabric a while back and have finally created some pillows. There is an 18", 16", 12x16", and I also made a matching garland. I just couldn't resist using up the remaining lighthouses on this garland.

How I made the garland --
I cut out the lighthouse in a square and fused heat and bond to the backside to stabilize the fabric and keep it from unraveling. I then cut out the lighthouse and fused it to the burlap flag. Then sewed it on because even the super strength heat and bond doesn't really adhere well to burlap. The burlap flags are cut 5-1/2" wide by 8" long. Then I serge around all edges, fold down a top pocket and zigzag it shut. I measured out 8' plus a few inches of dock line and strung the flags on placing knots in between to hold them in place.

I can just image these pillows tossed on a bed with the garland looping above the headboard. Or the pillows tossed on a couch with the garland strung over a window covering to add a great nautical feel to the décor.