Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lighthouse Pillow Collection

I have had some great luck lately finding some very unique fabric. This particular project uses an embroidered jacquard with striped and diamond patterned lighthouses. 

This is a nice chunky upholstery fabric that I'm mixing with twill, black denim and wide wale corduroy, to give this pillow collection a lot of dimension and texture.
I've included a nautical rope piping accent on some for an added pop. These are all now on Etsy as my first new collection for 2013! Cheers!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Hi all, not a sewing project, but a fun project. As some of you previously have read, I have pieces of driftwood all over the house from my collecting on the beach. So I thought I'd try making a Christmas tree out of some of it. I took and laid out all the pieces in order of size. I decided to put smaller pieces in between the larger ones because I liked how it looked and made my tree taller. I then went to the hardware store and bought a 1/8" dowel rod. Got out the old drill, found the right bit size and drilled a hole in the base piece of wood. Once I stuck the dowel rod in the base, I began drilling holes in the center of all of my driftwood pieces and lacing them onto the rod. I was lucky enough to have a triangle-shaped piece for the top! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nautical Tapestry Pillows

I found this beautiful nautical tapestry upholstery fabric made in Italy. The pieces weren't very large but I was able to match it up with a burnished golden brown chenille for the pillow backs. The tapestry fabric was available in two colorways -- Stone and Driftwood. The classic pattern and neutral tones makes them a perfect fit in almost any nautical room.
They are listed in my Etsy shop here

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Seashell Pillows

I found this great fabric that has all sorts of seashells on it in pretty neutral tones of sand, mocha and aqua. I took these pictures on a mocha and a cream chair so you can see how nice they look on a light or darker background. The fabric is an outdoor lightweight canvas. I've used the same fabric to create the piping and they are filled with a medium 'cush' poly pillow insert.