Thursday, July 5, 2018

Easy Painted Wood Sign

For those of us that have no natural drawing ability, I want to share an easy way to make a sign. This is what you'll need:
Piece of wood
Graphite Paper with blunt tracer
Acrylic paints/brushes

Decide what your design will include and then go online to find the various elements i.e. letters and clip art. Select a font you like and then create a Word or Publisher document placing the letters as you'd like to paint them in the desired size. Select your clip art and size the images as appropriate and print these out as well.

Tape these elements to the piece of wood arranged per your design.
Now, using the graphite paper and blunt tracer, trace the letters and images onto your piece of wood.

Now you can color in all of your elements with your selected paints. And that's it!

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