Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I solved my first serger problem!

I've made a lot of progress. I mastered completely rethreading the serger. Helpful hint -- when you are first learning to use your serger, thread it with the color threads of the loopers and needles. It REALLY helps understand what's going on. I also played around with converting from 4-thread, 2-needle to 3-thread, 1-needle. It's when I tried to go back to 2-needle I ran in to a snag. My upper looper (green) was not catching my left needle (red) thread. My left needle thread was not engaged in the serging process at all. This drove me crazy for 2 days. I tried adjusting tensions, seam widths, etc. with no luck. The only thing I had done to convert to 1-needle was to remove the left needle, so maybe the needle was not in right. When I watched in slow motion I could see that the upper looper was not catching the left needle thread. Eventually I realized that if I pushed the needle forward a bit, it caught the looper. I then referred back to the picture in the book. Sure enough, in the picture, plain as day, it shows the left needle is shorter than the right which meant I didn't have the left needle pushed up all the way. Once I adjusted it -- perfect! I'll post a picture. Maybe I'll save someone else some misery.


  1. I wish this saved me some time and trouble : ) Unfortunately for me, I broke my left needle and haven't been able to get it to catch since... booger, guess I'll keep searching!

  2. Woot! Thank you!!!! This was my exact problem and ai also tried everything else first...then went to the interwebs and yours was the first post I looked at. Turns out I made the same mistake.